Thanks to BadgeBox it is possible to create To Do lists, share them with others and track their progress. This can be done from the section Workday, To Do List where we can see all existing To Do groups, tasks created inside a certain group, visualize who is working on a certain task and be informed when a certain task is being finished and achieved. This section facilitates communication between colleagues allowing you to comment a certain task and to visualize in real time its progress. Once a task is completed, it is being achieved and stored for your future needs.

The column on the right contains notification related to a certain To Do group allowing you a clear view of a progress.
To Do groups can be created by all BadgBox users but each group can be visualized only by the users with whom one is being shared with. This means that each employee will visualize only those To Do groups that are being either created by him or shared with him.

Bojana Pekovic

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