Expense notes are part of every business and BadgeBox makes their management easier. First thing to do is to define the responsibilities for expense approval and create expense categories. This can be done in the section “Company” under “Manage expense note” by the administrator or other user that has the right authorization.

As we can see it this picture, the generation of an expense category is quite simple. All it takes is to click on the button “New expense” and insert the expense field. This is important because when an employee generates an expense note it is possible to select the right category of the expense that simplifies the approval process.

Once the expense categories are created, it is necessary to define who is responsible for expense note approval. As we can see in the picture, the process of generating the approval chain is the same one as timesheet and request approval process. It is possible to create various levels with one or more user per level. Since each level can have more than one person responsible for the approval process, it is possible to define weather all or at least one user have to approve the expense note request.

When an employee sends an expense note, the first level of approval will receive the request. The request cannot pass to the next level if it was not approved by the previous level. It is important to say that, if the approval request is being rejected by the first level, it will not pass to the next level of approval but the employee will be notified that his/ her approval has been rejected. If the request is approved by all levels the employee will receive a notification about the status of expense approval request.

Bojana Pekovic

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