In this section, the administrator and all other users with the right authorization, can generate and manage alerts in case of a delay or unjustified absence. In order to do that, it is necessary to go to the section “Company” and click the button “New alert” under Manage alert section. After choosing which kind of alerts you wish, press “Add” and an alert will be generated. This means that if an employee is being late for work, the alert will notify person in charge. The same thing values for employees who did not make a request for absence, sick-leave or holiday and are not present at work after clock-in hour.

This facilitates the human resource management and communication by allowing the administrator to be notified immediately in the case of absence. In order to activate this functionality for a certain employee, the administrator needs to go to the section “Employee” of a specific employee and activate or deactivated alerts.

Bojana Pekovic

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