BadgeBox has several types of users- administrator, that has a complete access to all of the BadgeBox functionalities, editor, that has almost complete access and human resources.

Human resources, by default, have the access to all BadgeBox functionalities except those related to invoice and cost management. This means that this user cannot see the costs related to each employee or change data related to employee’s clocking time. However, this user can have different permissions that can be modified in the section Company.

By default Human Resource has an access to the following sections:
Badge, Track time, Employees, Attendance, Timesheet, Requests, Expense note, Accounting, Team, Documents, Performance, Clients, Suppliers, Company, Locations, Task, Skills, Rules, Human Resource

If the administrator wishes to change permissions for this level of authorization, it can be done from the section “Company”.

Bojana Pekovic

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