An employee is a company’s user with limited access to BadgeBox functionalities.

With BadgeBox an employee can:

• Clock-in / clock-out
• Generate and visualize attendance data
• Create and visualize timesheets
• Send a time-off or holiday request to the administrator and visualize it’s approval
• Generate expense notes
• Visualize To Do list and tasks assigned by the supervisor
• Visualize and generate personal user profile
• Upload and share documents with colleagues
• Communicate with other colleagues

If the administrator wishes to change permissions for this level of authorization, it can be done from the section “Company”.

In order to be part of company’s account, an employee needs to search for the company on the list (if visible) and send an approval request to join the company. In the case in which the company decides to be anonymous and not visible on the list of BadgeBox users, the administrator has to invite an employee to join the company’s account.


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