The administrator has a complete access to all app functionalities. He can visualize all real time data related to each employee, including clock-in place and time.

With BadgeBox the administrator can:

• Manage attendance and time tracking
• Track cost and revenue for each task or project
• Calculate overtime and payroll with personalized rules
• Invoice and accounting management
• Holiday and time-off request management
• Cloud file sharing with colleagues (including your accountant)
• Create teams, To-do lists and assign tasks and skill to employees
• Create, approve and visualize employee’s timesheets

In order to create a company’s account, the administrator has to create company while registering.

Once created and logged in, the administrator has to define (in section “Company”) whether the company will be anonymous or visible on the list of BadgeBox users.

In case the company is visible, each employee has to select the company upon registration in order to be connected to it.

If the administrator prefers that the company remains anonymous, it is necessary to send an invitation to each employee in order to connect them to the company.


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