While section Badge contains personal information about the precise user, in section “Employees” the administrator can visualize all necessary information about each employee such as:

• personal information
• tasks
• work day
• devices assigned etc.

In the section Personal information, the administrator can manage important information related to each employee. The main thing to set is the level. Each level (administrator, reviser, human resource manager, employee) has different responsibilities and permissions. These permissions are modifiable in the section Company, Manage permissions.

This section also offers visualization of the date of hiring, role, supplier, if applicable, fixed costs, cost per hour, daily cost as well as revenue per hour and daily revenue. All this information are gathered at one place to facilitate the process of performance control management. Moreover, the administrator and all other users that have the permission to access this area, can visualize all benefits that an employee has, from holidays and time-off per month, to the total number of available holidays and time-off.

Beneath this information we can visualize the graph that shows the average work time for each employee distinguishing working hours, overtime and reduced time. This allows the administrator to have a simple and clear view of one’s working hours.

In the section Task we can create, assign and visualize all tasks related to a specific employee. This means that from here it is possible to assign an existing task to a specific employee, create a completely new task and assign it to a user, or just visualize all tasks assigned to the user.

The section Work day shows us the work scheme that is applied for a specific user, as well as possible day rules that are being applied. This area also allows us to visualize which devices are registered for BadgeBox and from here the administrator can enable / disable them. Upon registration and first access to BadgeBox, the system registers the device used. If an employee wishes to use another or different device, it is necessary that the administrator approves it. This can be done from here.

Finally, from here we can visualize all the locations that are being assigned to a specific user or create and assign a new location.


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