The section Badge is a personal area dedicated to each employee. This section contains personal information such as: name, surname, address, contact info, role, employee identification number, QR code and a photo. QR code and identification number are unique and generated by the system for each employee. They can be used for clocking at work, especially when using a clock-in station.

Timeline is another way to communicate with other colleagues that allows posting on their users walls. Moreover, in this also possible to upload employees curriculum vitae that can be visualized by human resource manager which come handy in cases of internal announcements for job vacancies. There are two ways of inserting experiences, manually or by LinkedIn sync that imports all related data from your LinkedIn account once inserted LinkedIn credentials.

In this section, each employee can visualizze skills assigned by the administrator. Each skill assigned contains the level of experience providing in this way a useful and versatile instrument for drafting a professional profile. In addition to that, an employee can insert information regarding his previous experiences and edit data at every moment. For more information, visit BadgeBox.


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