The administrator can delegate the process of timesheet and request approval management to different users. As we can see from the example, it is possible to create a rule that all authorized users have to approve requests and timesheets or it is possible to define that at least one of authorized users has to approve it. The same rule values for Expense note management. It is possible to define different levels with one or more users per level that are responsable for complete approval management.

In order to create more then one approval level it is necessary to click on “New level” and define its values.

For example, a company can define that each team leader is responsable for approval management for his team. Once approved by a team leader a request passes to a second level of approval (for example, to the HR department) where all members or at least one of them has to approve the request, timesheet or expense. It is important to say that a request cannot pass to the next level of approval, until being approved by the previous level. Once a request is being approved or rejected, a notification is being sent to an employee in order to inform him.

Bojana Pekovic

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